Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Islamic Moderates vs. Terrorists?

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, has written an article concerning the question of moderates vs. terrorist islamists.

It's a compelling argument and brings forth the ignorance that many have when it comes to understanding the muslim immigrant.

Excerpt from American Chronicle:

Islamic Moderates vs. Terrorists: Wrong! Why?

The author implies the existence of two categories of Muslims, namely the radical – extremist – pro-totalitarian and the so-called ‘moderate’ ones. This is a completely deceitful approach. And it is deceitful because

1. At the moment it gives the idea of two existing poles within Islam, there is only one at the theoretical – philosophical – theological – ideological – intellectual level. The so-called moderates are not a theoretical pole in juxtaposition to the extremists.

2. The non extremists do not belong to or form one group but consist in a great variety of ideas, groups, individuals, beliefs, attitudes and organizations with many of them mendaciously confusing their Western interlocutors.

3. Even worse, none of the non – extremists descends form a historical Islamic philosophical system that would be effective as theoretical – philosophical counterbalance of the Islamic Terrorists and Extremists, who originate from an Islamic minority, a marginal and perverse group of the first centuries of Islam.

4. Not a single Muslim understands what happened in Islam, namely the fact that, through the establishment of successive perverse and counterfeit theoretical heresies – that were all rejected in their times by the outright majority of the Muslims, the Caliphatic administration, and the entire range of the great historical Philosophers, Intellectuals, Artists, Erudite Scholars, Scientists and Authors, who only formed the Islamic Civilization –, the real sense of Islam as Civilization, Culture and Religion went lost. Due to the gradual expansion and final totalitarian imposition of the systems of Hanbal, Ibn Taimiya, and Abdel Wahhab, what was left as Islam is a bogus-Islam that has nothing to do with the preaching of Prophet Muhammad.

5. In fact, all those among the academic and religious institutions of Islam, who ascribe themselves to what is viewed or thought as moderate Islam, simply belong to (and believe in) the aforementioned line of theoretical systems of backward Barbarism and de-Islamization that were established by Hanbal, Ibn Taimiya and Abdel Wahhab. Their system is terrorist, discriminatory and criminally antihuman, even if they try to mollify it. Their attitude is ‘politics in religion’, tactics, diplomatic attitudes and all that the raw and uneducated masses just reject.

- And who can trust them, as long as they do not dare to confront the hysterical masses of the streets who are the basic supporters of the Islamic Terrorism?

- And who can believe they are not terrorists too, as they do nothing to educate their barbaric and cannibalistic followers who would murder any Jew who would happen to cross their way out of their filthy and Satanic mosque?

6. Last but not least, not a single Western imagines the colossal contribution of the West, mainly the Colonial Powers of England and France, to the rise of the Islamic Terrorism through the machinations devised and implemented, the Hellenism, the Orientalism, the Pan-Arabism, and the Modern Islamism, the four systems of erroneously collected, viciously diffused, provocatively manipulated (at the socio-political level), and detrimentally (for all) misused Knowledge.

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