Saturday, March 31, 2007

Tragic story of a teacher

A story, covered primarily by bloggers, of the brutal death of a Nigerian school teacher named Christianah Oluwatoyin Olusase is quite shocking. It seems the original news source reporting it was the Compass Direct News. If this story is indeed fact, perhaps no other news source would cover it for fear of offending our muslim neighbors. Isn't that our normal approach?
Go to the Right Truth for more on this story...

In America...

Our own teachers are facing violence from students on a daily basis, in various parts of the country. I know good teachers who have changed careers because they were scared of some of the students they have faced on occasion. People that are studying to become educators show some apprehension because of what they have heard from other teachers.

Obviously not all children are bad, but there is a growing trend of total disrespect and worse, when it comes to authority figures.

As parents, we must be aware of our own behavior because our children will imitate what they see, not necessarily what they hear from us...
Let's be a right example for them in all things!

be well,


A MUST SEE video

I went to Seaspook's Rants for the first time today and was blown away by a video featuring Evan Sayet, who was the former joke writer for Bill Maher.

Evan speaks of a condition that many of us are aware of, but are not able to articulate in such a clear and concise manner. This is an important message and it needs to be viewed. As Seaspook indicates, it is long, but well worth the time... enough said.


Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do we forget so easily?

Towers exploding 2

Come on now, we need to be reminded of the tragedy on our own shores. I can remember when 9-11 took place, we were stunned... We couldn't resume our normal work schedule or activities for a couple of days. Next thing you noticed were the cars, most Americans had a flag flying from their vehicles, it was amazing! We were inspired, we became a country again.

Then slowly, ever so slowly... we forgot, we forgot about what united us and one by one the flags began to disappear. Only a few of the 'hard-cores' still have one flying.

Go to the blog Right Truth and read a good article entitled "Americans Are Not Scared Enough." It definitely touches on some relative issues.

We must remember! If we don't join together we may not have a country to be proud of any longer, may it not be!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Border patrolman shoots and kills Mexican...

Oh boy, here we go...
They will probably tar and feather this patrolman, or worse. We don't know the whole story yet, but the FBI is investigating.

You can read the story here in the Bakersfield Californian.

It is so frustrating for a man to do his job for fear of being sued and sent to prison. The same is affecting our military, who work in the jaws of death daily, our law enforcers and the law abiding citizen that legally carries a concealed weapon to protect he and his family.

We have to be careful, but unfortunately hesitation could mean our own death...


Sunday, March 25, 2007

Hassan Butt, former jihadist?...

I saw an interesting interview this evening on 60 Minutes. The interview was with Hassan Butt a Muslim, British born, who was 'radicalized' at the age of sixteen.

The Militant Islam Monitor, as well as Daniel Pipes, each did an article two to three years ago about the young radical Brit... It seems as though he may be changing his ways, still Muslim, but denouncing violence. He even goes so far as to say that the violence is 'a cancer' that must be dealt with. If indeed he maintains this road to a more peaceful way of life, then I wish him the best.

Listen, whatever a person does in his private life is his business and he will reap the consequences thereof, but when it develops into endangering the lives of innocents and destroying our way of life, well... there are other consequences to be reaped as a result...

be well,

Friday, March 23, 2007

Do you see any problem here? Geeeze...

There was a story released the other week concerning the arranging of a conference room in the Capitol building (Washington D.C.) for the Muslim advocacy group CAIR. The room arrangements were made by House Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr..
The Capitol Building, Washington DC
Now, Rep. Pascrell seems to be a decent man, but how in the world does he justify securing a room for such an organization in our nation's capitol? This is absolutely wrong and gives further credence to the rhetoric of this enemy of our nation.

You have to hand it CAIR though, they have talked their way into the very heart of the one they wish to destroy... devils... They are deceptive and we continue to fall for their crap.

An article in The Washington Times quotes a spokesman for Pascrell as saying the forum "opens up an important dialogue about global public opinion concerning the United States." It seems that we are worried more about what others think of us instead of bolstering our own sovereignty as a nation.

This world is getting much too small...


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Moslem tsunami? Come on, really?

Good evening all...

I have just returned home and have read my emails. One of which included an article on why the moslem tsunami is coming and that they are indeed convinced of their victory. It essentially is an interview with a Christian Arab who is living in Israel. It started out as a casual conversation ultimately revealing some intimate insight.

It does remind me again of how many of us in America are so numb to much of what is happening around the world. We believe our government will protect us and so we go on with are daily routine not missing a beat.

We are up against a people that understands us considerably better than we understand them. Our president reminds us that it is necessary to take the fight to the enemy on their turf so we don't have to do it here. I think many of us would agree that this makes sense. All the while there is an increase of Islam all over the world including our own land! What the heck is going on here? Is it only me or have you also noticed new mosques springing up in many cities here in America?

I am for any human being that wants to come to our country and be an American, enjoy our freedoms, contribute to our communities and honor the Stars and Stripes... I am afraid, however, that we have an enemy that is patient, waiting to build up a presence, on our shores, and then strike at the right time.

Do you think this is crazy? Do you think it will never happen here? Think again my friends, it could and according to some it will in time. Unfortunately many Americans have become fat and lazy, we also tend to forget, they don't...

Here is the link to the article on FRONTPAGEMAG.COM
It's a little long, but certainly worth the read!

all the best

Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's Roll!

Gooood morning Viet Nam!

Greetings lovers of God, lovers of country (in this case our beloved USofA), lovers of the freedoms that we so easily practice and enjoy. I will attempt to share my thoughts and opinions, and the opinions of others, in such a way that you will say, 'yeah, I've felt that way before'...

Perhaps it will spur you on to action! Perhaps we will become better fathers and mothers to our children, defenders of freedom, righteousness and of all things good!

Listen, I am only one man among many, that finds it difficult to sit on the sidelines while our world is changing rapidly around us. Things are different today and I'm afraid they are changing for the worse, wouldn't you agree? If you do agree or even if you don't, together we can explore the news of world events, the Bible and our own thoughts to hopefully find a little good that is still left, something worth fighting for!

Americans have turned into a bunch of work zombies .
Oblivious to all things outside of our careers is what we are becoming. Hey, see if this sounds familiar... two people greeting one another, 'Hey Joe, how ya doin? Busy Frank just as busy as can be! Thats great Joe, sounds great!'...
This is typical today, the busier you seemingly are the more you are seemingly on the right track or the more important you indeed are.
We are living in a bubble, after all, while the world goes on around us... changing rapidly
and I'm afraid they are changing for the worse, wouldn't you agree?

Hey, gotta go now... gotta get to the office early and come home late, make some money for that new bass boat and the wife's gotta get the kids to school and then to soccer and baseball... of course she'll do this in between her other appointments like hair, nails, botox... you know what I mean...