Monday, March 19, 2007

Let's Roll!

Gooood morning Viet Nam!

Greetings lovers of God, lovers of country (in this case our beloved USofA), lovers of the freedoms that we so easily practice and enjoy. I will attempt to share my thoughts and opinions, and the opinions of others, in such a way that you will say, 'yeah, I've felt that way before'...

Perhaps it will spur you on to action! Perhaps we will become better fathers and mothers to our children, defenders of freedom, righteousness and of all things good!

Listen, I am only one man among many, that finds it difficult to sit on the sidelines while our world is changing rapidly around us. Things are different today and I'm afraid they are changing for the worse, wouldn't you agree? If you do agree or even if you don't, together we can explore the news of world events, the Bible and our own thoughts to hopefully find a little good that is still left, something worth fighting for!

Americans have turned into a bunch of work zombies .
Oblivious to all things outside of our careers is what we are becoming. Hey, see if this sounds familiar... two people greeting one another, 'Hey Joe, how ya doin? Busy Frank just as busy as can be! Thats great Joe, sounds great!'...
This is typical today, the busier you seemingly are the more you are seemingly on the right track or the more important you indeed are.
We are living in a bubble, after all, while the world goes on around us... changing rapidly
and I'm afraid they are changing for the worse, wouldn't you agree?

Hey, gotta go now... gotta get to the office early and come home late, make some money for that new bass boat and the wife's gotta get the kids to school and then to soccer and baseball... of course she'll do this in between her other appointments like hair, nails, botox... you know what I mean...