Friday, March 30, 2007

Why do we forget so easily?

Towers exploding 2

Come on now, we need to be reminded of the tragedy on our own shores. I can remember when 9-11 took place, we were stunned... We couldn't resume our normal work schedule or activities for a couple of days. Next thing you noticed were the cars, most Americans had a flag flying from their vehicles, it was amazing! We were inspired, we became a country again.

Then slowly, ever so slowly... we forgot, we forgot about what united us and one by one the flags began to disappear. Only a few of the 'hard-cores' still have one flying.

Go to the blog Right Truth and read a good article entitled "Americans Are Not Scared Enough." It definitely touches on some relative issues.

We must remember! If we don't join together we may not have a country to be proud of any longer, may it not be!