Friday, March 23, 2007

Do you see any problem here? Geeeze...

There was a story released the other week concerning the arranging of a conference room in the Capitol building (Washington D.C.) for the Muslim advocacy group CAIR. The room arrangements were made by House Democrat, Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr..
The Capitol Building, Washington DC
Now, Rep. Pascrell seems to be a decent man, but how in the world does he justify securing a room for such an organization in our nation's capitol? This is absolutely wrong and gives further credence to the rhetoric of this enemy of our nation.

You have to hand it CAIR though, they have talked their way into the very heart of the one they wish to destroy... devils... They are deceptive and we continue to fall for their crap.

An article in The Washington Times quotes a spokesman for Pascrell as saying the forum "opens up an important dialogue about global public opinion concerning the United States." It seems that we are worried more about what others think of us instead of bolstering our own sovereignty as a nation.

This world is getting much too small...