Friday, May 4, 2007

SCAR Treatment For the Heart

As each day goes by I find I may have said or done something that I wish I hadn't. I don't mean the big, obvious, call the police type things... Just the little things, maybe a thought in my mind.

We are all alike, in many ways, as human beings and I think ultimately we want a peaceful life, at the very least, within ourselves.

My wife reminded of one of the links on this blog, Lazer Beams, and commented on how she has been enjoying the teachings there. So I looked...

I found this simple teaching to have power, to strengthen my heart. We are all on a journey and need fuel to continue.

So I invite you, any who are open to truth that may be outside of your 'label', to take a look at this short video. It's about eight minutes, and is a peaceful view, at least it was for me...

Hope you enjoy.

photo courtesy of Matt Russell, astronomer.