Sunday, May 20, 2007

Update on the Al Awda Conference...

If you recall on an earlier post, I relayed an article found on FRONTPAGEMAG.COM, concerning the victory at UC Riverside University. They had succeeded in canceling the Fifth Annual International Al Awda convention that promotes the destruction of Israel and more.

Lee Kaplan has been instrumental in helping to defeat this organization here in our home land.
Pleas see his update to the Al Awda event, now scheduled to take place, at a Hilton owned Embassy Suites Hotel, in May.

Part of the problem, is the fact that this type of event is allowed to take place here in America. These are not only enemies of Israel, they are enemies of ours! The motto of Al Awda is 'palestine will be free, from the river to the sea'. There is no desire of peace here, there is no desire to have a homeland of there own to peaceably in the world, no, the goal is total destruction of Israel and death to all Jews. Make no mistake about it friends, this is the goal of the majority within the muslim world.

If this conference is really about creating awareness of the plight of the 'palestinian' people, why come to the US? Why are they not pleading with the other Mid-Eastern countries? Why isn't Jordan, Syria, Iran, Egypt or others coming to their aide? Why is no one saying to them, "come to our land, live with us, we will care for you"?

We've already discussed the answer, the 'palestinians' are pawns for the total inhalation of the Jewish people. First the Jews then us, yeah, then us...

You want another shocker? The jihadists are being backed by groups like ,the American Nazi Party and Aryan Nations. Go to the Aryan Nations web site and see their links page. These people also have a blind hatred that seemingly will stop at nothing. We all know these groups have a hate for many races, but to side with those that want to destroy us all if we won't 'submit, convert or die'?

Why am I surprised...

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