Monday, May 28, 2007

Political Users...

I read an article on Michelle Malkin's site this morning, about an interview with Democratic presidential candidate, Frank, uh, I mean, Bill Richardson.

Mr. Richardson, the governor of New Mexico, has recounted a story of a conversation he had with the mother of a fallen Marine Corp soldier from New Mexico. He had met Ms. Austin, mother of LCpl Austin, at the memorial service for her son, and has spoken of the conversation, on many occasion, as he is on the campaign trail.

Apparently, he has misquoted the Marine's name and age, during his on-going campaign, and even misrepresenting part of their brief conversation concerning military death benefits during the memorial service.

Well, Tim Russert, of Meet The Press, took Gov. Richardson to task yesterday concerning this bit of controversy. This governor is a shining example of the disconnect of real compassion concerning his constituents. When asked about the troubles Ms. Austin is having with his use of their 'conversation', Gov. Richardson skirted her concerns and pushed his own agenda. His response made her concerns to be of no importance. He didn't even have the integrity, or the balls, to give her the respect of an apology.

Perhaps an apology would have been saying, "I was wrong." That is something very hard for many to do in today's world...