Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Three Missing Soldiers...

As many of you know, there were three US soldiers 'abducted' while on patrol near Mahmudiya, just south of Baghdad, three weeks ago.
Well, there are reports of three bodies having been found, in separate findings, that are the American soldiers. There are wounds on them indicating torture and two, being beheaded.

For the strong of heart and stomach, you can see photos here, from Michael Savage, purportedly of these men.
I post this photo link ONLY to demonstrate, to some that think we are dealing with legitimate 'freedom fighters', that this enemy is comprised of devils, nothing less. They are inhumane and full of hate for us. There are some good people of Iraq, but the enemy, many of which, are from surrounding countries as well, hate us and want to destroy us completely.

For the idiot people in our own country that cry about the panties on heads, leashes around the neck, and etc, you had better wake up before it is too late, even for yourselves.

This is reminiscent of the two Israeli soldiers that took a wrong turn and found themselves in Ramallah. They were subsequently tortured and killed with the bare hands of similar devils.

May their families find comfort in this difficult time... God help us.