Tuesday, April 10, 2007

5th-Graders Accused of Sex in School

I came across this news article while looking at The Minuteman.

This is unbelievable on one hand, but on the other...

Why is this happening?

In rural north Louisiana, children in the fifth grade, you heard right, the fifth grade, were accused of having sex in a classroom of approximately fifteen students. They were left alone, according to Union Parish Sheriff Bob Buckley, for about fifteen minutes. When the students posted a watch at the door, two boys began having sex with two eleven year old girls.

Fifteen minutes people, and a decision to have sex in the classroom was made! Geeze, when we were that age we may have thrown balls of paper or shot paper spit-wads at each other. Have sex in the classroom?, it wasn't even considered. When I was that age, we thought about baseball, fishing or other bits of fun. I don't remember being interested in girls at that time, at least not to have sex with them...

What are the parents teaching these children? This brings up a difficult scenario, the parents need some accountability here, but how do you address that? We are a free people and if outside organizations begin to get involved with imposing rules, our freedoms may begin to erode.

Something must be done, but what? Someone needs to be accountable, but how?

Is this the future of our children? For their sake and ours, I pray not...