Saturday, April 7, 2007

Muslim opens with prayer in Texas Senate last week

In the Texas Legislature last week, Dr. Yusuf Ziya Kavakci, a muslim imam, opened the State Senate session with prayer. This marked the first time in Texas history that a muslim cleric has ever started the session in prayer. Also surprising is that Dr. Kavakci was scheduled at the invitation of State Senator, Florence Shapiro, who happens to be Jewish. What is wrong with this picture? Why must we continue to have this erroneous attitude of inclusiveness? Do we think if we play nice this ideology will leave us alone? NO, it and they won't!

Come on people, WAKE UP.

Newly elected, Senator Dan Patrick (R-Houston) is the only one who had enough guts to say 'no' and was absent from the floor. He encouraged others to follow suit, but no one else did. Please, for more information on this go to Red Hot Cuppa Politics and see Sharia in the Heart of Texas.
If you go here, you should be able to see video of the prayer which took place after roll call.

Listen, we should be able to help another human being that has a real need and show that person compassion, as we would want for ourselves. When it comes to the sovereignty of our state and of our country, the religious foundations are to remain intact. Diversity is not an option here.

We had better stand guard people because if we don't, we may live to regret it...