Wednesday, April 18, 2007

To Carry or Not to Carry... is This the Question?

After the tragedy at Virginia Tech, many may be asking this of themselves now.
There are also the ignorant, who will press further to ban guns completely. There is a severe lack of understanding when it come to firearms and firearm safety.

Read this short testimony from a student at VT, who was there the day of this slaughter. We must realize that in many situations, our safety is in our own hands. All it takes is for one idiot that is walking down the same sidewalk as you, to turn around, take twenty-one steps toward you and you are robbed, beaten or worse. Your options are to take what's coming, run or get away and prepare to defend yourself.
There are two defensive tools that you can use. OC spray (pepper spray) or handgun. I would prefer to have both available. There is a hesitation today for many of us that exercise our 2nd amendment rights, and that is fear of being sued or being sent to prison and having a lawsuit against you for defending yourself. I think I would take my chances.

Please people, let's be responsible for ourselves and our families. We owe it to them to be prepared. Crime will continue and you don't want to be a victim. I pray I never have need to use a weapon to defend myself, but if needed I will.
Will you?