Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mexican Gunfights On The Streets of Houston TX...

This is unbelievable... It's noon time, broad daylight, during the lunch hour on a main thoroughfare in SW Houston Texas. Apparently two rival immigrant smuggling gangs decided to have a gun battle over the one gang trying to steal a load of illegals from the other. Yeah, you heard that right. If I had a WTF column this would go there.

Why is this happening hear? I haven't heard anything about this until I saw it on Right Truth, go there for more comments.

Just another shining example of why we need to strictly enforce the immigration laws here. These type of people need to be found and prosecuted harshly. We don't need this kind of thing here, we have enough to be concerned about with foreigners bringing their evil intentions here. Innocent people are being exploited, harmed and many are dying needlessly.

Is anyone speaking up about this? Thanks Debbie for bringing this one up.