Saturday, April 21, 2007

To Preserve A Life...

In the midst of tragedy experienced by some and witnessed in the media by others, 'gun control' has become a hot topic. You have the camp of 'ban all guns', and the camp of 'we have a right to legally posses a firearm'.

It is my opinion that those within the camp of gun control are largely uneducated when it come to firearms ownership, or may have some other agenda. How many high profile celebrities and politicians, that are openly 'anti gun', have bodyguards? How many of those bodyguards do you think are armed? You guessed it, hypocrites...

There seems to be an attitude of 'guns are evil and only evil or crazy people have them'. The non-criminal that carries a gun is a vigilante just looking for a bad guy to give him his due. Guns are instruments of death! Right?

I submit to you that most Americans that exercise their 2nd amendment right, are decent, honest and care about their fellow man. The drive behind legally carrying a handgun is actually to preserve life. That's right, to preserve it. I want to be around for my wife and children, as most people do, and I am willing to fulfill my obligation to protect them in the face of evil. I also want to be able to preserve my own life.

Most criminals that will rob or break into your home have ill intentions and will do whatever is necessary to accomplish their goal, and that may mean bodily harm or worse, to you. We have a moral obligation to care for our family and that may mean stopping evil intentions with any means necessary up to, and including deadly force. I pray that I am never faced with that decision, but because I, and you, see life as precious we must be ready to go the distance.

Again, there is a moral obligation to preserve life against all evil intentions. There are things that can be done to avoid potential danger such as not going out alone at night, keep your doors locked, etc.. There is a most respected law enforcement officer who has authored many self defense articles and books, that advocates education for the average citizen, to know how to avoid trouble. This is the first step in preserving life, avoiding potential dangers, use throw-down money, whatever it takes to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The unfortunate truth is, we live in an ever increasing, hostile world. Let's be prepared to preserve a life, even if it means using any force necessary, up to and including deadly force.
Here is a very interesting Jewish perspective by R. Mermelstein, who by the way is well respected outside of Jewish circles. He is very knowledgeable on the subject of firearms and the Bible. Check it out, you may enjoy it!

Be safe and be well...

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