Monday, April 30, 2007

We Must Extend Hospitalities to Muslims...

I came across a story concerning the muslim population in our universities here in America.
Katherine Kersten of the Star Tribune, has covered this story concerning the Minneapolis Community and Technical College, who have plans to install washing facilities known as 'Wudu'. This is to accommodate the muslim population at the university as they prepare for prayer. If I understand correctly, our tax dollars are being used for this. Karen has followed up with this example in Canada.

What is astonishing (or not) to me, is the direction our country, and our educational system, has gone when it comes to religion. Many steps have been taken to squelch the Judeo-Christian values that are the very foundation of our country. Many have cried "foul" when it comes to any public display of these values. As a matter of fact, humanism has been the order of the day and Christians, who stand for morality, are looked upon as uneducated when it come to matters of society. Basically, there is no place for a righteous God in our lives here in America...

These things are not so when it comes to the muslim population. Phil Davis, the president at MCTC, had this to say: 'It’s a simple matter of extending “hospitality” to newcomers, no different than providing a fish option in the college cafeteria for Christian students during Lent'.
This is a definite PC reply, done out of ignorance, or worse. The move toward installing these facilities, is a move to encourage Sharia, plain and simple. If you think that's ridiculous, it's my opinion that you are just as blind as Mr. Davis. You can go to to see more. (I purposely left the link off).

This is the United States of America people! When you come here, you do as we do. You do not come here and demand that your customs are to be recognized and implemented. If you don't like the way things are done here, go back home!

Part of the issue with Islam is, we are at war with it, across the globe. Many today are being murdered in the name of Islam. Dawah is their goal, that is, the spread of Islam. Just look around if you don't believe it.

We can not allow the insurgence of this religion, and we must vote in leadership that have the balls to say "enough"! I do realize that there are muslims that practice a form of Islam privately, quietly, and I'm fine with that. Bring it out in the open and demand that we accommodate it, "enough"!

This is The United States Of America!

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