Thursday, April 26, 2007

Guns In Your Place Of Worship?.. Heavens No!

In todays ever evolving society, one where violence is becoming commonplace, decisions of 'to protect or not to protect' are made every day.

Well, what about carrying in your place of worship? Listen, every self-respecting criminal would consider those in a time of prayer and submission to their ideology as peaceful and non-violent, so why harm them, right? NO! There are people with evil intentions in all walks of life today.

Here are just a few examples, and there are many more, if you look for them.
Isolated incidents you say? Tell that to the victims here...

There is nothing in the bible that says we are not to be wise and ready to fend off evil.

Go here to see what used to be expected of parishioners. Yes, you were expected to comply or there was a fine. You may say, "that was then, the west was wild" or "it's not like that today".
Yeah, tell that to the victims today... Read the link, it is interesting.

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