Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bets Wishes For Fathers Day...

Here I am, in my home, with my wife and baby boy.

We are here enjoying what our Father in Heaven has given us, a home, food, and each other. We also have hope in the midst of this world of ours, enjoying what many in the world do not have...

We just finished watching the movie Seabiscuit. What a wonderful representation of what our country has always stood for. We root for the underdog, out of a good heart we want those, against all odds, to become victorious even if for a moment. It is about the giving of second chances, to realize our full potential. It is about love, honor, truth and the coming together for the common good. This is what America has always been about, the common man who can be anything he puts his heart to.

Let us embrace all that is good here in our great country, for our families and friends, for the good of all.

God bless and happy fathers day!

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