Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Will The Internet Slay Islam?..

This is an interesting question and one that points to what of Bullets and Bibles, and others, are trying to accomplish. At the very least, we want to create an awareness.

Go to the Global Politician, and read an article of the same title (as this post), this is an interesting take...
Here's an excerpt from David Wood:
The truth about Muhammad has been one of the world's best-kept secrets. For centuries, it has been virtually impossible to raise objections about the character of Muhammad in Muslim countries, for anyone who raised such objections would (following the example set by Muhammad himself) immediately be killed. Outside the Muslim world, there has been little interest in Islam. But things have changed. Now many people are interested in Islam, and Muslims aren't able to silence everyone. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, it is now impossible to keep Muhammad's life a secret.