Monday, June 11, 2007

Viva Le France!

It is a welcome site for many in the French world and beyond, that is, the seeming massive political change of hands featuring the newly elected Nicholas Sarkozy. France has been over run by immigrant muslims and the French government is making changes, perhaps we should take note here at home.

Susan MacAllen has a great article on this subject here at Family Security Matters.
Here's an excerpt:

Today, the biggest difference between Americans and Europeans is that the level of Islamist violence, and the openness of confrontation with the host culture by Muslim immigrants, is only now reaching the level in America that Europe has known for years. Although it is unpopular to bring it up, medieval historians know that the Crusades were in fact a response to years of Muslim invasions into European soil, with the explicit goal of conquering Europe for Islam. These early Muslim warriors saw the world in the same way modern Islamists do - as merely a world lying in wait for the day when Islam will rule the land. The French fought Muslim armies in France long before the Crusades, so did Spain, Italy and Greece. Once, what is now Istanbul was a capitol of Christendom. Many Europeans see what is happening today as a repeat of the struggles of past centuries with Islam: today’s Muslim army doesn’t attack en masse by horseback; instead it uses an insidious attack on social structure, hidden terrorist cells planting bombs, imams preaching hate - in Arabic - in mosques in the middle of London, Paris, Amsterdam and other European capitals (as well as in America).
Americans, while not exactly forgetting the horror of 9/11, have too easily gone back to the comfortably self-righteous complacency of the politically correct. The much-criticized policies of Homeland Security have perhaps protected us too well: documented evidence suggests that the foiled attempts at serious disruption of our way of life have numbered in the hundreds since 9-11. Within the warm cocoon of perceived safety, we are lulled into a mind-set of trust, of a rosy picture of the intrinsic goodness of all immigrants, of the pure motives of all who cross our shores only to “build a better life”. Europe has also embraced these ideals, until very recently: now, with rising fear of Islamist anti-Western activity in their streets comes a healthy re-consideration of reality.