Friday, June 8, 2007

The 'Silent' Jihad In America...

There are certain activities, going somewhat unnoticed, here in our country, by those with devotion to destroy us. When a ring or small group of 'rogue thugs', who just happen to be muslim, are arrested for conspiracy, the media will report on it. Then it goes away and seemingly nothing else is done. We go about our normal day to day activities, waiting for the next baseball or football game...

Nothing wrong with enjoying sports, this is one of the freedoms our fathers fought and died for. That said, we must realize that this is not our father's world. We are reaching a point of complete world change if we do not awaken.

As citizens, we must be ready to 'see and tell' as needed. Don't be afraid of reporting 'suspicious' activities. Don't wait until the bomb has exploded then 'tell', it's too late at that point. I had a small case of ID theft just a few months ago. I made a purchase at a local business and someone used my card info to purchase one-way airline tickets on Al Jazeera Airways! They have no offices here on this continent. I called the FBI and reported it.

In light of the Ft. Dix incident, M Zuhdi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy had these comments:

"News of the FBI’s arrests of six militant Islamists in New Jersey who plotted to kill our soldiers at Fort Dix was met yet again with the same tired responses of shock and dismissal from the mainstream media (MSM) and from major American Islamist organizations. An FBI agent poignantly noted that we “
dodged another bullet.” The enemy is certainly rearming and germinating another cell somewhere."

And this:

"Will the FBI’s success here answer the question as to why we need to protect each and every citizen in America who practices the principle of “see something, say something” as the heroic video-store clerk (“John Doe”) did here? What if this “John Doe” had contrarily chosen to be silent due to a fear of litigation?

Will we continue to deny the fact that America is not exactly that far behind Europe in our susceptibility to homegrown terror cells?"

We must keep our eyes open and not be afraid to report, even if it ends up being nothing. Better it be nothing than someone being hurt, or worse, when we could have opened our mouths...

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