Saturday, June 30, 2007

Losing Our National Identity?..

In a few days we will be celebrating one of the most important days in American history.

As with other holidays, the origins of this great day- Independence Day- are being replaced with cook-outs, beer, fireworks and concerts. July the 4th actually represents quite the opposite of our current direction as a nation. We declared ourselves independent from a kingdom that did not represent equality for all men, and so the foundations of our nation had begun.

With the embracing of 'multi-culturalism' and the changing of many of the history books for our children, we are losing our national identity. We, as a people, are hurting ourselves and our nation when we stray from the very founding principles that made the nation great. How can we expect to maintain national pride when generation after generation are being taught a false notion of 'tolerance' and the acceptance of ideas that are founded in immorality and non-absolutes?

Over at the National Review, William J. Bennett has this article, please read it.

Dear reader, on this 4th of July as you enjoy your cook-outs and fireworks, give your children the meaning of this most important day in American history...

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