Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hamas Enforcing Law In Gaza...

Now that Hamas (Iran) has control in the Gaza, they are enforcing islamic law there.

Aaron Klein of the WorldNetDaily.com Jerusalem Bureau, reports, Hamas is cracking down on the christian population, particularly the 'evangelicals' or missionaries.

"Christians can continue living safely in the Gaza Strip only if they accept Islamic law, including a ban on alcohol and on women roaming publicly without proper head coverings, an Islamist militant leader in Gaza told WND in an exclusive interview.

The militant leader said Christians in Gaza who engage in "missionary activity" will be "dealt with harshly."

I would think the christian community, especially the American sponsored groups, will take this edict very seriously.

When the islamic leader indicates, 'will be dealt with harshly', I'm sure they mean it. Many are faced with some difficult decisions at this time.

Read the article here, there are some interesting comments at the end of the report...