Sunday, June 3, 2007


Dear readers,

Since I began this humble blog of mine, three months ago, I have posted on various subjects of which I feel passionately about. My first post describes what I wanted to accomplish and what some of my passions are.

There are many of us that have the same passions and concerns for our country (check them out on my right hand sidebar, blogs I enjoy) and express them very well. I am just a small fish in this big ocean, still learning the ropes.

Part of my original intent was to create some sort of awareness of the events around us, and with that in mind, I am narrowing my focus. It may take a bit of discipline on my part not to post on certain things I find interesting or exasperating.

I will begin to focus more on the activities of Islam here in our country. I believe there is a subtle , and not so subtle, danger that is lurking, to undermine our sovereignty and change the core values that we , as Americans, have grown up with. I will also continue to post the Wednesday Hero, to honor those that 'give some and those that give it all' to further secure our freedoms...

This is not based on racism, as some will claim, but to help create awareness.

I am open to all 'facts' and cooperation based on 'truth'.

Be well my friends, and a special thanks to Bill over at The Bill T Blog. Bill, unknowingly, helped me to choose the focus for this blog...