Friday, June 22, 2007

Round And Round We Go, Where We Stop...

Let's keep shoveling money into the pit my friends!

Dennis Ross has a solution for Fatah... NOT!

Here's an excerpt from

"In this essay he takes the standard line: we should all jump on the secular Fatah bandwagon as a way to crush Hamas. Olmert is already on the wagon.

The problem of course is that Fatah is no less terror-driven than Hamas. And, Ross has a short memory. When he was part of the unrequited love team of Clinton-Barak after Arafat and Fatah rejected their overtures for a love fest at peace now, Ross wrote books, gave speeches and more about the futility of Fatah and its leadership. He repeated the old Israeli line: The Palestinians never lose an opportunity to lose an opportunity. Trite dribble."

Go to the main article here at USA Today, by Dennis Ross.