Monday, June 4, 2007

Inching It's Way Into Our Society...

What I'm referring to is Islam.

Islam, if most American muslims and those muslims here on visa have their way, is creeping into our society inch by inch. The goal here is 'dawah', the spread of islam. Many understand that total violence, here in our homeland, will not work yet, so it must be done lawfully.

Here is an excerpt from The Bill T Blog, helping to define 'Lawful Islamism'...

"Lawful Islamism" could be defined as the use of non-violent tactics to intimidate, threaten and pressure non-Muslims into accepting, or accommodating a totalitarian Islamic world-view in their cultures with a view toward moving Totalitarian Islamic views into the mainstream. And while the idea may sound far-fetched, it is happening on a grand scale in Europe today, and on an alarming scale in the United States of America. Totalitarian Islamists have attempted to pressure Minneapolis into creating a parallel legal structure to govern public transportation, filed lawsuits against journalists who attempt to report on the activities of Islamic groups, attempted to discover the identities of, and harass, citizens who report suspicious activities to authorities and are currently promoting a revision of school textbooks to support their views.

We are at war with Totalitarian Islam, whether we recognize it or not.

It is necessary to educate ourselves and somehow make our voices heard, "We will not stand for an Islamic takeover!"