Friday, June 15, 2007

Just A Little Jab...

Yesterday was full of turmoil for Mahmoud Abbas and his Fatah party. As of yesterday, Hamas had taken over most of the critical security infrastructure and more, causing Abbas to dissolve the ever-failing unity government. They are in a dire situation and Hamas has declared domination of the Gaza with no intent of going back to a Fatah/Hamas style rule there.

While Hamas is killing many, execution style, bombing and firing upon hospitals creating absolute anarchy, MSNBC in this article, interjects this little snippet:

"Israel was also caught up in the Palestinian power struggle, with Palestinian security officials alleging that an Israeli tank shell killed six people — including five children — in Rafah on Thursday. The Israeli military denied there was any army fire in the area.

Hospital workers said the children were all siblings under the age 16 and were riding in a car at the time they were killed. The driver of the car was also killed, the security officials said."

It's good that MSNBC, as well as others, are showing the chaos taking place in Gaza and not necessarily sugar coating the events. The fact still remains, the media HATES Israel. They can't even report the destruction of two rival islamic factions without somehow bringing Israel into the mix.

The above quote was irresponsible and should have been edited out. The 'tank shelling', as indicated, was alleged. You see how they try to make Israel look bad by saying 'five children' were killed, and they were siblings under the age of sixteen. This quote was not based on FACT and never should have been printed, but hey, Arabs killing Arabs is understood, right? The Israelis kill children...