Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hell In Gaza...

As most of you now know, there is civil war in the Gaza.

When Israel was in the Gaza none of this took place. Yes, the 'palestinians' were living in an impoverished condition. It was not the fault of Israel, but of the 'palestinian' authority. Where do you think the millions upon millions of international aide money is going? It's not going to the people that need it, just look at them...

There have been many there that want to immigrate to other parts of the world, and what do you think the response of their leadership was, it was this:

The rising number of Palestinians seeking to emigrate has prompted Jerusalem's Mufti, Mohammad Ahmed Hussein, to issue a fatwa prohibiting Palestinians from leaving Palestinian territories.

"Immigration from this blessed land is not permissible according to Islamic law," said the religious edict. "People who live in this land should not leave it for the invaders and occupiers."

That's right, this is for the good of their people, why else would they not be allowed to leave?
Ed Morrissey at FRONTPAGEMAG believes it's for this reason:

That's a sure sign of desperation. Imams now forbid movement of Palestinians even to other "blessed" lands, such as Muslim Egypt. Why? They know that if the Palestinians leave Gaza in droves, it will leave terrorist groups like Hamas, Fatah, and Islamic Jihad much more exposed to Israeli strikes.

The imams want their congregations to continue their roles as human shields so that terrorists can conduct holy wars. Isn't that special? No wonder they call Islam the Religion of Peace.

Now that the Gaza has exploded into a religious hell, no one wants to stay.

Hamas and Fatah, are full of devils, and these are the ones that we and the world want to give the opportunity to have their own state? Right next to the beloved Israel? FOOLS! Yes, we are fools if we press for that arrangement.

Israel, to their own detriment, leaves the Gaza, leaves their wonderful agricultural greenhouses etc., intact, for the 'palestinians' and what happens? The arab 'palestinians' destroy what was handed to them and now they are killing each other!

Give them a state? NEVER!